Why is Dance Important?

Dance is an important vehicle for self expression and interpreting the world around us in a creative form. Dance can be moving, powerful and memorable. Dance teaches the importance of movement, fitness and body conditioning in a variety of ways and disciplines. Creative thinking skills are developed through dance, as well as learning the values of discipline, commitment and work ethic. Self confidence develops as students face challenges to master new goals, learning to apply themselves and accomplish any task put before them.

Dance also enhances skills of perception, observation, and concentration; which will undoubtedly help students in all of their school subjects.

What is the aim of the Dance curriculum at Oaklands?

The dance curriculum at Oaklands promotes creativity and confidence. It encourages individuality in styles and provides many opportunities for working independently and as part of a group. Whilst some lessons are structured and choreography is teacher led, we also provide many opportunities for students to create their own choreography. Enjoyment and opportunity are also two large factors. We work hard to ensure all lessons are both fun and accessible in order to provide a basis for lifelong participation. We ensure all students have a variety of performance and community opportunities to showcase their hard work and to ensure that a variety of styles and levels of challenge are offered.

How is the curriculum in Dance structured?

Students will explore a variety of dance styles and cultures in solos, duet, trios to small and large group work. Dance is split into 2 sections; performance and choreography. Students learn repertoire from professional works and teacher led choreography that they develop into their own dance pieces using the fundamentals of Actions, Space, Dynamics and Relationships.

Topics covered in Year 7

  • Dance Around The World
  • Capoeira Cross
  • Curricular Project - Angles Dance
  • Street Dance
  • AcroDance 

Topics covered in Year 8

  • Thriller
  • Cross Curricular Project - Immigration
  • Urban Dance
  • Swansong - Christopher Bruce
  • Sports

Practical tips/activities for parents to support learning at home

  • PE kit is compulsory.
  • The more practical experience, the better. Encourage your child to attend school dance club and, where possible, external dance lessons.
  • Encourage your child to watch back all shared performance videos and analyse their performance.
  • Ensure they are keeping up to date with fortnightly dance diaries, analysing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Encourage your child to attend all theatre and dance trips we run as well as any additional dance workshops.