Half Moon Exhibition

Half Moon is hosting their seventh annual exhibition of work by young people from local secondary schools in partnership with Tower Hamlets Artist Teachers Network. This year they are working with students from our school and Central Foundation Girls School, to present Visual Perspectives and Voices, a vibrant and diverse range of work in different media by GCSE and A-Level Art students. The exhibition will take place from Thursday 14th of July 2022 until 12th of September 2022. 
Parents and Staff are invited to attend, please see the link below and visit the exhibition to support our students and other young talent in the local neighbourhood. 
For Oaklands School, the work presented is vibrant and striking in its range, both in terms of content and style, demonstrating the students’ willingness to create and explore new ideas with their artwork. With new technologies allowing students to realise their vision, they have pushed boundaries and concepts into exciting areas, through photography, landscape drawings, pen work, portraiture and the exploration of Surrealism, offering strong tonal contrasts and perspectives.