New Starters - Year 7

Our year 7 students have made a fantastic start to their secondary school journey at Oaklands. Here is what some of them had to say about their first week..


Oaklands feels bigger than my primary school, but it is a great place. I feel really enthusiastic about it so far. It has been an interesting first week with lots of new experiences. The staff have been friendly and welcoming. I have enjoyed making new friends and starting to learn new things in all of my subjects.


 Ismail Ismail — 7 Pine


My first week at Oaklands has been good. I felt nervous before I came because I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I started I felt happy because everyone was kind and I made new friends quickly. The lessons I have had so far have been really fun. My favourite so far is Art. We have already learned new things like how to do shading on drawings


 Georgia Bates — 7 Hazel


At first I felt nervous about all the new people in the school and in my tutor classes. I was also scared to meet my new teachers and to find out what they would be like, but as soon as I met my form tutor I felt better because he is really friendly and so are all the other teachers too. Coming into a new building is scary and I thought I would get lost, but I have got used to it really quickly. I have enjoyed all my lessons, particularly maths because it is more challenging than it was in primary school but also fun.

 Faizaan Ur-Rahman — 7 Maple