Oaklands Raises Funds for Medical Aid For Palestinians

Thank you to all staff and students for your contributions during our fundraising event last term for medical aid for Palestinians. Your contributions are much appreciated.

Dear Oaklands School

Thank you so much for your generous gift of £650.63 to Medical Aid for Palestinians at this difficult time.

Your support is already being put to good use and helping to make sure that the medical teams in Gaza have the medical supplies and medicines they need. 

Although the situation remains critical, your extraordinary support will help to alleviate so much suffering. People regularly die from treatable medical conditions in Palestine, and you have provided a lifeline for someone who is at risk. We are heartened to know that there are people around the world like you, who refuse to accept that entire communities should not be able to access basic medical provisions.

In a community which is already weakened by a lack of medicines, equipment, supplies and infrastructure, the COVID-19 pandemic poses even more of a threat.  Together, we are working towards a future where all Palestinians can access the healthcare they need and deserve.


From all of us here at MAP and the people we support, thank you.