One short day defying gravity

Oaklands and fellow Oak-zions jumped on their broomsticks for one short day trip to the Emerald City.

Following delay of two years as a result of the COVID pandemic, all students and staff at Oaklands school took an enchanting trip to the Apollo Theatre in Victoria to experience the most loved and popular musical, Wicked. The trip involved months of logistic and operational planning to ensure the smooth running of safely transporting 7 year groups across the City of London to watch the show and then back to the school. 

The show was exceptional with outstanding performances from the cast, wonderful choreography and thrilling special effects. The storyline, which deals with the complexity of friendships, with bullying and the importance of inclusivity and kindness supported much of the learning that our students do in their personal development lessons, but with the spectacular backdrop of the Emerald City and in the company of very talented actors and singers, we were captivated from start to finish and left wishing for more.    

The behaviour of the students on the trip was excellent and we are very proud of the way they conducted themselves both on the journey and in the theatre. They were, without exception, a real credit to the school.


We were so impressed with how well the students behaved and presented themselves whilst clearly being excited and enthusiastic about the show. And of course well done to all the staff for managing the day! 

Ismail Ibrahim, Governor


We like to extend a special thank you to the very hospitable staff at the theatre for accommodating such large group and we wish them every success for future performances. 

To sum up the day was WON-DER-FUL and we all had a WICKED time.  


The whole school trip to "Wicked"... was for me the best experience I had living in London. The show was strongly colourful and bright, the technologies used... were advanced... the actors... put a lot of effort in... the music was absolutely fabulous... I truly and strongly recommend everyone to experience the "Wicked" West End show because it brings calmness and happiness in people's good and bad times. 

Eftehab, 10M