Year 7 Fundraising for Bangladesh Floods

We are very proud of Year 7 and Year 8 students for organising an event to raise funds in support of the recent crises in Bangladesh. The idea came solely from the students, from the goodness and kindness of their hearts, to help the less fortunate in Bangladesh in midst of the recent flooding. The students pitched the idea to SLT, planned the event and executed it in a short span of time. The students collectively raised £168.46. 

A special mention to Tahmid, who as well as assisting with above, single handedly raised £240 for Bangladesh floods from his own efforts. 

I was inspired to raise money for the Bangladesh floods. It was very upsetting matter which tempted me raise £240. I am very proud and hope that others follow and collect money for the good cause.

 Tahmid, 7P