Year 9 organised Campaigns focusing on poverty, housing and domestic violence

We are very impressed with all Year 9 students for organising and managing a campaign competition over the last six days. The competition involved identifying a problem faced by the local area, preparing presentations to raise awareness and looking for ways to support an organisation dedicated to the cause.

It was inspiring and encouraging to see young students being so active and creative to help their chosen cause. We saw students setting up stalls to sell refreshing drinks and tasty snacks, organising bake sales, doing henna patterns and other activities to help their cause.

ASH, ELM, MAPLE, HAZEL, PINE and WILLOW managed to raise £637 overall for a range of fantastic charities (see below for more details). Moreover they ran campaigns with clear messaging that reflected the needs they had collectively identified in the local area. This was largely focused around poverty, housing and domestic violence.

A special thanks to all our other students and staff who participated by contributing towards the cause with their generosity. 






Year 9 Ash cause for campaigning was for Homelessness and they were raising support for Depaul.

Year 9 Elm cause for campaigning was for Homelessness and they were raising support for Shelter.

Year 9 Hazel cause for campaigning was for Domestic Abuse and they were raising support for Hestia.

Year 9 Maple cause for campaigning was for Homelessness and they were raising support for Crisis.

Year 9 Pine cause for campaigning was for Homelessness and they were raising support for Centrepoint.

Year 9 Willow cause for campaigning was for Poverty and they were raising support for Three Meals.